The Mad House


I can never get too far into a sentence

without mentioning one of these human's of mine.

Everything I wished for as a little girl, they made true.


Becoming parents young was a journey to say the least,

there were many struggles we faced along the way,

but we stuck together, gave it our all, 

and in the end I feel blessed

to call this life mine!

After becoming a stay at home mom I decided to dedicate time to building my own business & while I was unsure where this would take me

I had no doubts about what I would name it!


Inspired by my children's initials,

The MAD House was created

My own little space where I get to share pieces of Our family life,

my journey through motherhood,all of our crazy crafting, DIY, home projects! 

& Most importanly all the awesome tips & tricks I learn

from the amazing people I meet on this journey!

My Story

I'm not going to say my life was hard, because I know I've had it better than many other's. However it was no walk in the park. As a child I was always the odd one out, I would even call myself the punching bag. When I was about nine years old my dad tried to get custody of me but the courts sided in my mother’s favor when I told my guardian at litem that I just wasn’t ready to be away from my mom. Then the summer before 8th grade, my mom picked up and moved to Orlando and gave me a choice, move to Orlando or to my dads, and I chose to live with my dad. Everything was different and new, and I felt like a new start for me. I focused on my schooling and graduated at the top of my class!


Throughout that journey I made lot of friends, but there was one that really made a difference in my story. Moving to a new school was scary, But then I met Nick. He would sit behind me, and always messed with my hair that would fall onto his desk. We had a love-hate relationship, until our junior year of high school when we started dating, then it was just love! While things got complicated due to distance after graduation we still made time for each other.


A few years later we found out I was pregnant, and we went into a state of panic. We moved into a little efficiency that barely fit a bed, and we made it work for a little until we found out baby #2 was on the way, and now we had to do everything for two! We moved into an apartment, and started to prepare for our little girl when god had other plans. I found out at my 31 week appointment that I was in a hypertensive state that could become preeclamptic, which puts both the baby and myself at high risk .


I visited specialist to do test where they informed me that the baby was receiving her blood and oxygen at only 50% instead of a constant flow, kinda like a kinked hose. This was hindering her growth, and they suggested I should have a c-section due to her having better odds outside of the womb. At 34 weeks pregnant I delivered my 2lb baby girl, and she spent 6 weeks in NICU and came home the day after her due date, happy and healthy! Just as life at home started to feel good again the spread of Covid began, leaving me feeling trapped at home with an a year and a half old, and a newborn preemie...BUT we were surviving.

Until one horrible day that I will never forget, a day that made me truly fear this world. I finally felt ready to get outside after what felt like months trapped away in my tower. I strapped Maycee to my chest and Nick grabbed Matteo and we took a trip to the park that was a short walk from our apartment. We had a blast at the park, then as we were leaving I was approached by a women who told us "Wow, I've never seen such beautiful children, bless them" and while we didn't think much of it, this women had other plans. She began to stalk my home, and when I contacted police they told me "there are a lot of characters in that park" and to "stay away" so we fled our apartment a moved in with family. I stressed about our safety even after leaving, I would have panic attacks when someone was at the door, I couldn't find the strength to get out of bed, and even less to leave the house.

I started to lose ridiculous amounts of weight, and my family began to express concern for my health. Although it wasn't until I weighed just 105lbs, nothing but skin and bones that I decided that I was going to get my life back! I took a trip to my doctor and have since focused on natural methods of healing my mind and body, I gained the weight back, we got our own place, & bought a little over an acre of raw land that we hope to start building our own little home!

I hope that sharing my journey will inspire other's to stop fearing what's next,

To take that leap of faith, because your blessing could be waiting on the other side!